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EDIX Alydar Jumping Saddle - Child

Sale price$1,425.00 USD

A beautiful complete saddle, made of soft and supple high-quality leather and soft leather panels filled with synthetic wool and a wide cushion channel for free movement of the spine and correct pressure distribution. Leg support that is perfectly tailored to the jumping rider can be achieved by simply repositioning the knee rolls.

The EDIX Alydar children's saddle is designed as a jumping saddle. With an interchangeable head iron system and the option to refill the cushions, the EDIX Alydar children's jumping saddle is easy to adjust as your horse changes anatomy due to growth and or muscle development through training. In addition, there is the option of (temporarily) supporting and/or correcting the saddle position with a special treeless 8-pocket saddle pad that has inserts on the horse and rider.

The EDIX Y-girth attachment consists of 2 front girth straps and a third Y-girth strap, together they ensure that the girth can be attached in several ways, in order to provide an ideal stable fixation of the saddle, depending on the build of the horse. to guarantee.

EDIX Alydar Jumping Saddle - Child
EDIX Alydar Jumping Saddle - Child Sale price$1,425.00 USD