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EDIX Woolfelt Roundskirt Pad

Sale price$244.00 USD

These bright decorative finished felt saddle pads are made of an original high quality wool felt and the abrasive part is made of sturdy cow leather.

The pad is equipped with an EDIX 8- pocket system and is included with felt inlays for the top pockets. BUT as an exception in the EDIX assortment, where all inlays are included, in this pad there is no felt included for the long inlays. We advise if needed to order along this pad an inlay of thick or thin 3 mesh. The saddle pad distributes saddle pressure already due it is made of wool felt. Using another material of inlay will enhance the pressure distribution significantly.

These pads are a perfect alternative for the EDIX merino sheepskin roundskirtpads, as they help to prevent sliding on very round horses.

For maintenance and washing instructions of the EDIX Merino fur skin mats, please refer to the EDIX fur information brochure on the website.

The EDIX Merino Roundskirt pad is suitable for several brands of treeless as well as traditional tree saddles

EDIX Woolfelt Roundskirt Pad
EDIX Woolfelt Roundskirt Pad Sale price$244.00 USD