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17.5" Edix Emir All-Purpose Soft Tree Saddle - Used Demo

Sale price$1,650.00 CAD Regular price$2,300.00 CAD

Used Demo

Size: 17.5"

Color: Brown

Includes: All gullet sizes

The EDIX Emir is designed for the rider who is looking for a comfortable, high-quality, all-round saddle, suitable for recreational riding, with dressage and light level jumping. The saddle is made of soft and supple high-quality Turkish calf leather and soft leather panels filled with synthetic wool and a wide cushion channel for free movement of the spine and correct pressure distribution. Leg support is perfectly tailored to the rider by simply repositioning the knee rolls in the nicely hidden pockets. The different available knee rolls can be easily changed or positioned due to the strong Velcro fastening.

The combination of saddle flaps which are mounted slightly forward and English girth straps makes this saddle a perfect combination for those looking for an all-round saddle and dressage riders with a shorter leg length, who will find good leg contact due to the shorter saddle flaps.

The EDIX Emir is called a soft-tree saddle because the saddle is more structured, compared to many other treeless saddles, yet the EDIX Emir all purpose saddle is technically still a completely treeless saddle due to the lack of a solid tree. The EDIX soft tree saddles are made up of several flexible soft shock-absorbing layers and synthetic wool-filled panels, which fully adapt to the anatomy and posture of the horse. Thanks to this construction, the EDIX Emir dressage saddle offers the rider a narrow and balanced seat while still offering great flexibility and space for the spine for movements of the horse. The front gussets have a stabilizing built-in strap and are quilted for an extremely stable position of the saddle.

The EDIX Emir dressage saddle is designed as an independent saddle. With an interchangeable head iron system and the option to refill the pads, the EDIX Emir all purpose saddle is easy to adjust as your horse changes anatomy through growth and or muscle development through training. In addition, there is the possibility to (temporarily) support and / or correct the saddle position with a special treeless 8-pocket saddle pad in which inserts are provided on the horse and rider.

The EDIX Y-girth system consists of 2 front girth straps and a third Y-girth strap, together they ensure that the girth can be attached in several ways, thus providing an ideal stable fixation of the saddle depending on the horse's build. to ensure.

Distinguishing from many other dressage saddles is that the stirrup strap hook is placed more towards the center of the saddle, in order to ensure a correct leg position and to relieve the knees. The saddle can be further adjusted to the rider's preferences by choosing from low, high or short knee rolls and positioning them in the perfect spot in the spacious Velcro knee pockets.


  • EDIX soft tree saddles are built from high quality flexible and shock absorbing layers for pressure distribution
  • made of high quality soft Turkish leather
  • panels filled with synthetic wool, allowing them to be refilled
  • mono flap saddle
  • knee pad pockets with Velcro closure, option for short, high or low knee rolls
  • EDIX webbing system
  • complete set of interchangeable front arches
  • support surface of the leather panels: 17.5" - 44cm 

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17.5" Edix Emir All-Purpose Soft Tree Saddle - Used Demo
17.5" Edix Emir All-Purpose Soft Tree Saddle - Used Demo Sale price$1,650.00 CAD Regular price$2,300.00 CAD