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Haas Diva Brush

Sale price$56.00 CAD

Achieve a pristine shine with the combination of Lambswool and Horsehair on the HAAS Diva Brush.

 A Brush with Lambswool and the Border with soft Horsehair.

For a perfect, glossy finish.

Diva is made of lamb wool, so it does change after washing it. However, it does not effect the way it's working.

Please note! HAAS Instructions on washing Diva Brush:

Information For Washing the Diva Lambswool Brushes:

By brushing out with another horsehair brush, using the Haas cleaning brush Frank, as well as with a moist sponge you can remove a great part of dirt.  It if is necessary to remove additional dirt, Haas recommends to wash it by hand with a lambswool cleaner not warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.  Please pay attention to the following:

These brushes must dry in room temperature (do not place them on a heating device or in the sun).  You should plan on 2-3 days drying timePlease do not put the brushes in the dryer.

In general products with lambswool should not be washed often as with each washing the lambswool leather loses some fat content.  This should be avoided as much as possible.

If washed improperly Haas does not extend a warranty.  If the lambswool comes loose glue it back with a hot glue gun.

If the brush contains eczema, fungus or similar, please dispose of the brush.

Haas Diva Brush
Haas Diva Brush Sale price$56.00 CAD