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Leveza Bell Boots

Sale price$50.00 CAD

The Lady bell boots in black with BLACK sheepskin. 

-Made with real sheep skin from Australia.

-A strong synthetic leather.

-Thick neoprene for a better protection.

-Double velcro. 


Before you can put a set of bell boots on your horse, you will need to correctly size the boots. The bell boot needs to fit snugly around a horse's pastern so that it does not slide down over the hoof. You should be able to slip one finger between the rim of the bell boot and the horse's pastern. The boot needs to cover the horse's hoof almost completely so that the bottom rim of the boot barely touches the ground when the horse is standing on a level surface. There needs to be less than 0.5 inches of space between the bottom edge of the bell boot and the ground to create a perfect fit. Bell boots that are too big will cause the horse to stumble and affect his gait. If a bell boot is too small, the horse's pasterns may suffer abrasions and chafing. Bell boots that are too small also won't adequately protect the front hooves during overreaching.

Leveza Bell Boots
Leveza Bell Boots Sale price$50.00 CAD