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Pro Glow Moisture & Condition Spray - 250ml

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GLOW a steady radiance of light. Every day! 

Provides intensive care for manetail and coatRepels dust and createlasting shine. Contains glycerinewhich acts as a protective cover against moisture loss from the hair shaft. D-panthenol and aloe extract reduce itchingprevent dandruff and make hair soft and manageable for groomingMakes your horse lookfeel and smell wonderful

MANE & TAIL DETANGLER: Apply as a mane & tail detangler before grooming. Massage it in to help hair grow. Brush after leaving for at least 30 seconds 

CONDITIONERSpray on the brushed or washed mane, tail and coat from a distance of 30cmLeave for at least 30 seconds and brush hair with the direction of growth. 

 CLIPPING: Spray all over and leave for at least a minute