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Pro Lustre Repair & Gloss Spray - 500ml

Sale price$56.00 CAD

LUSTRE the brightness that a shiny surface hasSpecial occasions or intensive care!

Double-concentrated conditioner for all types of coatsmanes and tailsIt creates that professional shine effect after first use. It makes hair glossier and smoother. A fast and effective way of conditioningrepairing and untangling your horse's hair-Hydrates and nourisheswhilst giving it a healthy and magnificent look. 



Apply as a mane & tail detangler before grooming. Massage it in to help hair grow. Brush after leaving for at least 30 seconds  

CONDITIONERSpray on the brushed or washed mane, tail and coat from a distance of 30cmLeave for at least 30 seconds and brush hair with the direction of growth. 

CLIPPINGSpray all over and leave for at least a minute. 

​Add 50-100ml in 2-3 litres of warm water, and sponge over the coat, no need to rinse.  Can be used daily as a grooming aid to improve the skin and condition also.

Pro Lustre Repair & Gloss Spray - 500ml
Pro Lustre Repair & Gloss Spray - 500ml Sale price$56.00 CAD